• GrametS

    Prace me vyhnala (dobrovolne) do madarska do budapesti, tak shanim jestli nahodou nekdo bud nevi, kde se tady v okoli dat bajkovat, ci pripadne neni s bajkem primo v budapesti

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    • R.1  

      Nem. Ale v Madarsku jsme byli s kamaradem, bylo tomoooc supr. Debrecen, Bukki Park, Tokay…

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    • JIRA  

      The possibilities for cyclist are many in Hungary. The slopes of northern Hungary can be challenging, whereas Transdanubia is much gentler and the Great Plain flat though windy (and in summer, hot). The problem is bicycle rentals: they’re hard to come by in Hungary.

      Your best bets are camping grounds, resort hotels or Budapest’s Margaret Island in season. Bicycles can be taken on trains but not on buses or trams.

      Remember when planning your itinerary that bicycles are banned from the motorways (and national highways Numbers 0 to 9), and they must be equipped with lights and reflectors. Riding mountain bikes is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Buda Hills and in the Borzsony Hills north of the Danube Bend.

      The HTB publishes useful pamphlets called Hungary by Bike and Bicycle Tours in Eastern Hungary with recommended routes and basic sketch maps. Hungary by Bicycle, in Hungarian, German and English, can be found in some Budapest bookshops. Figoria publishes a useful trilingual map called Budapest on Bike.

      The Bicycle Touring Association of Hungary (MKTSZ :332 7177) in Budapest at VI Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 31 can supply more information.

      A popular vehicle in Budapest: about 25,000 people try cycling in the heavy traffic, which is a quite daring enterprise. There are few cycle paths, which do not form a separate network. For further information see By Bike in Budapest, available in the tourist information bureaux. Bookshops sell maps for cyclists. Should you still venture on your bike, you are advised to ride in the large parks: the Margaret Island, the City Park and the Népliget.

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    • tk  

      kdyz budes budes bydlet ve spravny casti budy (coz je dost drahy) mas to to kopcu smerem k visegradu kousek a to jeste lesoparkem. v bude je taky zubackova tramvaj. ta te vyveze az na kopec. ale nejezdil sem tam jenom sem z kopcu prohlizel, jestli by to slo. taky sem se tam malem stehoval.

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    • zwwak  

      Jeď na sever, kolem Kekese a Galyateto. Případně zmiňovaný Bukk.

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